The Red Shirt Diaries #28

It’s probably bad form to post under this theme twice within a week. Please, don’t pack me off to the cotton-walled Hilton.

Early last summer, I began musing that I’d died in late February or early March. Really, it was just boredom and mentally passing the time in lockdown.

It was certainly a way to explain the hell we were all living through.

Then, as the campaign season wore on and Election Day approached, I started to wonder if maybe I hadn’t died late in 2016…and this was how I’d be spending my eternity in hell.

Trump’s America.

It certainly seemed feasible enough. Plus, the hangover I had on 11/9/2016 was the worst I’d ever had – no joke. Maybe I had died of alcohol poisoning back then.

But then…something awesome happened.

Biden and Harris pulled out a win. Things were looking up. Well, up despite the efforts of 74 million idiots.

So this morning, not too long after Trump snuck out of the White House for the last time

I was finally able to put that simmering concern to rest as I watched Biden address the nation as our 46th president. And, while I’m sure he will be the first Democratic one-term president in about a half century, all felt right knowing that our 47th president was very likely sitting there watching.

Congratulations to is all – Americans, stupid or non-Trunts alike.

We made it.

We survived.

We will heal.

The Red Shirt Diaries #28

6 thoughts on “The Red Shirt Diaries #28

  1. Obiden has all the leadership qualities of a fire hydrant, so the first thing he needs to do is realize 48% of the country has a different idea and that maybe there are people out there tired of having 13% of the population shoved down their throats and offered a standard of excuses for bad behavior far superior to the other 87%. Having a different thought might be unique but 74 million is a lot of people to write off as idiots or single race supremacists. Trump was dangerous and crass and not my president. Neither is this drooler of a crooked career political hack. Like trading socks with holes for more socks with holes. The only change is the lack of childish tweets and I am still abysmally depressed by the politics of our nation.


    1. Depressed? One could hardly tell! 🤥🤥🤥
      I refuse to not consider anyone’s vote for Trump as anything less than an indictment of their intelligence. No matter what else he was – racist, bigot, rapist, homophobe, misogynist, child – he was unqualified for the job their vote put him up for. What kind of idiot promotes a janitor to CEO? That’s basically how far from qualified to be president he was. Anyone who thought he was somehow qualified to lead our country…made a dumb move. If they *still* don’t realize it, then the damage is likely permanent and I hope their employer gets a big tax credit for hiring the handicapped. 😵

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      1. Consider, as has been said, the last two election cycles were about the country’s future as told by a popularity contest, not by qualifications. Had it been about who could do the job no one would have gone to the polls other than to write in their dog. Your description of Trump is spot on for DC politicians in general. Otherwise they’d have real jobs. I ask these questions of many who hold a higher moral ground and yet join in the same name calling behaviors as what they oppose – what, exactly, has the election done to make you feel safer, smarter, more creative, wealthier, healthier, more wise than two weeks ago? It can’t be the USSR inspired military parade and presence to ensure none of half the country can show their disapproval of a flawed process (which should have been abolished 200 years ago), or the celebrations of rewritten history or the re establishment of the refugee camp mentality or even the insanity of downtown your home town. Far be it from anyone to suggest violently taking over and occupying a city center is business as usual and the nation’s capital full of heavily armed military to prevent the possibility of that very thing happening are representative of the same leadership. No, we don’t want your storm troopers unless it’s expeditious? Crazy times. I don’t trust a guy with a checkered past who holds his hands like he’s lying about the size of his dick or a fish he caught any more than what he replaced. And the platform? Did anyone read it? Scary shit. Right now we are energy independent, gas is $2 a gallon, nobody’s been at war for four years except the country, the stock market is over 30k, illegal immigration is down and there’s a vaccine for the plague. All before January 21st, from a crazy fuck. Let’s see how this one does before we celebrate handing the new deal.

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      2. It’s not a matter of class or ammunition. All I’m sayin’ is out with the old dog, meet the new dog. We elected a criminal, career politician, not a fucking saint. And all the siege and riot and worst day in America and all that bullshit? Have we forgotten the far left setting off a fucking bomb in the senate in 1983 to kill Republicans? The prime perpetrator pardoned by Clinton? As far as no clue how to be President Obama’s pre one term senator resume was “community organizer.” Man, a Florsheim part timer with Optah’s blessing who could throw a pep rally was equally, if not more qualified. Jesus, where the hell did everyone’s short term memory go? We vote for President like we vote for prom queens. The easiest, most fuckable with decent teeth popularity contest. That’s all I’m sayin’. It ain’t about lost love for Trump, it’s about lack of fucking choice. Goddam. man, Trump or Biden? I’d rather go to the fucking dentist than the polls.


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